to darn it & stitch 

- a beautiful riverside haberdashery in the heart of Southampton

Our vision is to guide and encourage you on your sewing journey...

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something for everyone . . .


 Sewing Alterations and Repairs •  Bespoke Handmade gifts
Gorgeous Cottons and Dressmaking fabric  •  Reels of ribbon  • 

Beautiful buttons  •  Time-tested sewing tools  •  Craft Kits for all ages


ACTIVITIES:  Workshops  •  Parties for any occasion • One to one classes 

Group Classes - Crafty get togethers once a week 

Our DI&S team are brimming with ideas to inspire you...

Whether you’re new to sewing or your a total expert, our beautiful fabrics, patterns and notions will have you eager to start something new.

To guide you through your next project...or even your first...

Our friendly team will provide everything from supplies to advice. We also offer an alteration and repair service to help you get those curtains perfect, or restore a treasured item of clothing.

something new..? 

Whether it’s threading a machine or cutting a dress pattern, we’re by your side. Group workshops or one to on classes available. Drop by or book onto one of our many popular workshops.

I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted 2 jumpers needing patches (and a lot more besides) to be repaired. Both jumpers had seen better days, so I was amazed when they came back even better than they ever were, in the first place. Marks out of 10 ... 11, 12 and more. What a great job you've done to my jumpers. And all of this is just on my doorstep. hip, hip hooray!