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Sir Frank

Shop security

   Turning a pipe dream into a Reality...

Darn It & Stitch had always been a pipe dream. - The idea of opening a haberdashery and spending all day doing what I love to do (sewing, quilting, crocheting and stroking gorgeous fabric) sounded like my piece of heaven... and well, here we are!! 

I have always loved sewing from a young age, I started with making clothes for my dolls out of scraps of fabric. I moved on to embroidering clothes for my baby sister, then after an injury in my teens, I decided to teach myself to crochet and so began a lifelong love of all things crochet and sewing.....

I took over Darn It & Stitch in October 2020 with the dream of spending my days surrounded by beautiful fabrics and yarns, while chatting to like minded people and helping them to achieve their sewing missions. Every day is so different and all our gorgeous customers have become regular visitors and friends.


I am joined most days by my son Luke, who is studying photography at Solent university, he is amazingly artistic and extremely talented at throwing together crazy outfits. His creations often adorn the shop window. ...and of course, last but not least, there's our crazy pug Sir Frank! Frank is the unofficial shop security, as far as he's concerned everyone who comes into the shop is there just for him and some days, they are!


 Darn It and Stitch is a family business and has become a drop in centre for all sewing and yarn enthusiasts, we love nothing more than chatting with you and helping with your projects from start to finish. Show and tell is a huge part of our world, once you've told us about your project we're invested and want to see it all the way to the end with you.  

Why not pop into the shop and we can have a chat or you can just stroke fabric and visit

Sir Frank!

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