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Don't Panic, Sew!

What crazy times we are facing . . . but lets not focus on the pressure and panic of it all . . . I'm sure we've all seen two sides to this on social media and even in our local communities . . . those of Panic and those of Blessing . . . .

I'd love to be able to support you all in some way during this time of uncertainty . . . . so here are a few things that might help you . . . .

Sewing Machine Hire:

While we are asked to adhere to social distancing I can now offer you the opportunity to hire Sewing Machines on week by week basis. Please email me at if this is something you might be interested in.

Craft Packs:

As well as our usual Buttonbag craft sets - our Dinos, Pigs, Bunnies and even butterflies - we now have Darn it & Stitch felt crafts for younger children . . . all you need for the craft is provided. Pop in and see


Why not pop in and chat about what you can be making at home . . . although I can't provide day time workshops during a time of social distancing I am happy to talk you though a few great ideas that you can easily complete at home . . . both machine and hand sewing activities. Why not start with a cushion, or even help you child make one. We have four sizes in stock 12", 14", 16" and 20" and curl up with it to watch an educational David Attenborough film to kick off your homeschooling!


Though we have no toilet roll or pasta we do have plenty of Fabric, Pillows, Pies Tape, Elastic, Buttons, Ribbon . . . the list goes on . . .


Some of you are regular visitors at Darn it & Stitch and are aware of what stock we have . . . if this is the case feel free to email through your order and I can have this ready for you to collect at the door . . I can even send you a payment link . . . . . . those of you who are unfamiliar with our beautiful fabrics rest assured we are doing all we can to make fabrics available online at . . . Can't leave the house (and are local to Darn it & Stitch) drop me an email and we can look to arrange a knock and drop service


Our tag line here at Darn it & Stitch is Inspire, Equip & Educate . . . . let us help you through this uncertain time with fun, creativity and inspiration

With love


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