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Halloween has arrived.........

Meet Bert and Gumbo, the newest members of the Darn it and Stitch team.... Bert has glow in the dark teeth so I'm excited to see how they are at night... His best friend Gumbo unfortunately has no teeth.... poor Gumbo, he's still happy and smiling though through his big gummy mouth

The window is now all done up ready for the spookiest week of the year.

Why not pop by and let us know what you think? Especially let us know what you think of Bert and Gumbo!!

The sweet bowl is filled with covered sweets waiting for the kids to come and visit. No purchase necessary, just bring the kids in to see the window and get themselves a sweet. We have hand sanitiser by the bowl so everyone will be safe.

Look forward to seeing you all next week..

Don't forget we are part of the Bitterne Park haunted house on the hill Halloween trail

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