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Simple Tutorial for a Lovely Crochet Temperature Blanket 2022

This year I’ve decided to try a temperature blanket, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years so this year I’m finally giving it a go.

This is my plan if you want to join in.

A temperature blanket is traditionally from 1st January and carries on for the whole year, you crochet or knit 1 row per day using the colour that represents the highest temperature of the day but you can do any length of time you'd like. Maybe from birthday to birthday or how about the first year of married life or a babies 1st year, it's up to you. Another nice idea is to add a sparkly line for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

There are so many choices....

I’ve always got a few projects on my hook at once, so I may make a scarf instead, which will be finished perfectly for the cold months next year.

The stitch I’m going to use is called the moss stitch as it has a lovely texture and looks really gorgeous as a scarf as well as a blanket, I’ll try and upload a video of how to do the crochet stitch onto YouTube to help any newbies, sorry knitters I’m hopeless at knitting!!! I may have to enlist my sister to help on the knitting front….

(You can find the link to the temperature chart and the pattern itself, with all the information you'll need, at the bottom of the page.)


Hook size - 4mm

Yarn - Stylecraft Special Double Knit

Stitch - Moss Stitch

Here's a chart of the colours I'm using for each of the different temperatures. You can use as many colours as you want and can change the temperature ranges in order to create a temperature blanket that's as detailed as you wish.

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Tch – Turning Chain

Rep – Repeat

[ ] – repeat instructions within brackets as instructed

Step 1

To make a blanket - Chain 150 stitches in whichever colour is appropriate for day 1

To make a scarf - Chain 84 in whatever colour is appropriate for day 1

Step 2

Sc in the 4th chain from the hook and then ch 1

[skip next ch, sc in next ch, ch 1] until the last chain

Work a sc into the last chain

Step 3

Join new colour.

Ch1 (turning chain), [sc in the next ch-1 sp, ch 1] until the last chain

Work sc into tch at the end of the row

Repeat step 3 until the end of your blanket

I am making a scarf that will be doubled over to give it a little something extra, and maybe a nice big pom pom on each end.

I know there will be days when I won’t be able to crochet my rows!! (life gets in the way) So I’ve included a chart below where you can keep a track of the daily highest temperature and then catch up when you have the time.

Download link:

temperature blanket tutorial
Download • 861KB

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