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  Repairs and Alterations

All prices are approximate, the prices listed are to be used as guidelines only, each item is charged depending on the complexity of the required alteration.

Alterations generally take 10- 14 days to complete if you require something urgently this can be arranged.

However urgent alterations carry an extra charge, 3-6 days £7, 1-2 days £15

This list is not exhaustive, if there is something you require that is not listed let me know and we can have a chat.
                 Trousers / Jeans 

Shorten                                                   £14
Shorten invisible hem                           £17
Shorten Jeans keep original hem       £18
Hem down / Lengthened                    £16
Patch (each)            small £9     large £15
Replace button                                     £6


Blouses / Shirts

Cuff turned                                            £16
Collar turned                                          £16
Buttonholes                                             £6

                          Skirts / Dresses

Shorten                                         from £14
Shorten with lining                      from £18
Shorten pleated skirt                  from £20
Circle Skirt shorten.                   from £18
Rolled / Narrow hem                  from £16

Replace elastic at waist              from £18
Reinforce split.                            from £7



Make cushion cover 14" / 16"             £28
(not including fabric)

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